Hello guys, as most of you can tell, photography has played a big role in my life. I started about 2-3 years ago by shooting with my iPhone. People began to notice my "unique eye" which inspired me to buy my first camera. My Canon Rebel T5i was my first DSLR camera then I later upgraded to what I shoot with now, a full-frame (Canon 6D). I hope to upgrade to a mirror-less camera soon because those seem to be the new trend in the world of photography.

When I first started photography, I would go out and shoot every weekend on my days off, no matter how hot or cold it was. This began to lead me to better opportunities. My best friend happens to work for Hilton Hotels so he is able to get us killer rates making travel very affordable. I've been all over the country from coast to coast. I plan to start documenting all of my trips and personal experiences on here. So I encourage you all to follow my great experiences and all of my adventure to come. -Jake