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About Me

Jake is a professional photographer based in the Cincinnati, OH region. He started his passion in late 2015 capturing stunning views while only using his iPhone. "Technology has come a long way and most people don't even realize what they are capable of unless they put there creative mind to work."" Jake is known for his incredible landscape photography while having experience in a wide variety of other fields. Fields include portraits, cars, product & brand work, etc. Jake has been featured in several magazines & websites. You can find some of his work on Unsplash where he was awarded 'Top 100 Most Downloaded Photos of the Year' as well as 'Editors Choice Top 100 Photos of the Year' in 2017. As other accomplishments, Jake recently joined as an ambassador for Skylum Global. An editing software company who specializes in artificial intelligence with their Luminar series. If you have any questions or would like to work together, please send him an email at jblucker34@gmail.com